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Whether you're a multi-national corporation, small to medium sized manufacturing organization, or a small service and contracting company, we have solutions that can help you achieve success with your Health & Safety Program in a cost effective manner.

We will work with you to find the perfect balance of development, documentation, communication strategy, administrative tools, standard operating procedures, incident management, coaching and on-site support to build a positive safety culture and be successful in achieving your desired outcomes. We are your one-stop source for all things Health & Safety, from compliance audits, certification preparation, program, policy and procedure development, hazard & risk assessments, site inspections, training, and more.

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As Software Engineer and US Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper famously said, "You manage things. You lead people". With over 35 years global success in leadership development, we offer a complete complement of leadership training programs, both for new and seasoned leaders.


And we follow them up with ongoing coaching, progress check-ins, online round table workshops, guest speaker events and executive coaching services.

Your organization's culture is the engine that drives commitment, quality, client loyalty and your success. While everyone owns culture, your leaders have the greatest influence on it.

Learn leadership from leaders.

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We have been developing and delivering turn-key training programs for global organizations for decades. The result is effective, comprehensive and affordable courseware, created through the application of global standards and models in instructional design, that speaks with your voice, to your people, your way.

As for our online and classroom courses, you will notice something different about them right away: the voice of decades of real world experience. We bring all of that to our courses. Concepts, frameworks and models are immediately tied to behavioural competencies and real life situations, so you can apply everything immediately, with confidence and high performance.


We're proud to work with the following organizations to assist them with their Health & Safety, Leadership Development, Learning & Development, Project Management, and Business Analysis needs.

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Scott Spencer

President and COO

Island Abbey Foods Ltd.

"Lee’s combination of plant floor experience, encyclopedic knowledge of safety regulations and true compassion and care for others makes him unique in the safety field. 


Able to communicate with both CEOs and on the production floor, he’s able to translate rules and regulations into easy-to-understand training and procedures. Not afraid to work or train on a night shift, Lee gets to know the team and relate with them, truly driving the safety message home.


In addition, Lee and GGS were able to provide us with ‘out of the box’ policies and procedures that improved our ability to acquire new customers and grow the business. These policies met all customer requirements with little to no effort on my team’s part.


I highly recommend Lee Lawrence and Gemba Group Solutions to any small to medium sized business that needs support in growing their business safely."

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Through memberships and working relationships, Gemba Group Solutions and its employees are proud to be affiliated with the following organizations and associations.

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