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Who We Are
What We Stand For

Gemba Group Solutions is proudly Canadian owned and operated, with decades of leadership in health & safety, learning & development, leadership development, project management, business analysis, and culture assessment/optimization. We provide instructor led and online training, turnkey client course development, and high touch, personalized consulting services across all industries and sectors.


Gemba is the Japanese term for the "actual place" where value is created. For a sculptor, it would be their studio; for an actor, the stage. For a business leader it will be the interactions among their people and clients, and where products and services are produced and delivered. For an Operations Manager in a manufacturing facility, the gemba could be the equipment, processes, and people on the shop floor.

​In order to address challenges, or implement targeted process or continuous improvement, leaders, decision makers, analysts, planners and implementers need to experience and understand the gemba. You cannot solve a health and safety issue, a product quality challenge, or a leadership failure that results in demotivated workers, simply by talking about things in a meeting room far away and not including those directly involved in the situation.

Ultimately, the gemba is your people. They are the means by which your organization creates value. This goes way beyond what your people bring to the table by way of competencies. It is in everything they do, every professional interaction with colleagues, clients and customers, every single day. It is taking ownership for health, safety and wellness, along with excellence and pride in accomplishment. It is your brand promise, and is enabled (or impeded) by your culture.

Investing in your people, keeping their technical and professional skills up to date and best in class, while providing them with empowering, effective leadership and an organizational culture that fosters inclusion, high performance, collaboration and respect, are the keys to sustainable growth and success.

We can help.

The Borealis Value Framework™


Corona Borealis (Northern Crown) is a prominent constellation of seven stars in the Canadian sky. We use Borealis as a symbol for the business leadership priorities and service philosophy built into all our products and services.

Each star represents one of our "crown jewel" values and principles of client service, guiding everything we do, and how we can help.


  • Culture: organizational culture is the engine that enables achievement. Culture is the set of mindsets, attitudes and behaviours that represent what it takes to succeed at your organization. Everyone owns culture, but leaders have the greatest influence on it. It will either enable, or derail, your strategic objectives.

  • Competency: in learning and development, it isn't only about what you know. It's about what you are able to do with it. That's why everything we do, from formal training courses through to operational audits and business process analysis and design, focuses on the ability of your people to actually make it happen, every day, in everything they do.

  • Compliance: Health & Safety regulations, business rules, and standard operating Procedures are there for a reason: to optimize performance through best practice. We help your people understand not just the what, but the why, and help them engage in your continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Communication: enabling open, honest dialogue across functions and both ways from executive leadership through to operational levels is the most important means to success.

  • Caring: you have to live, not only say, the principle that your people are your greatest asset, through effective leadership. You manage things, but you need to lead people.

  • Connection: no one, and no organization, is an island. Everything we do helps you lead in your market space though best of class practice that fulfills your brand promise to your people and to your clients and customers. Walk the talk, get known for it.

  • Coaching: consistently ranked among the most sought-after competencies across industries, coaching capability enriches your current and future potential for success.

Experience is the best teacher. Use ours.

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