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Turnkey Program, Course and Instructor Development

Self-paced eLearning
Virtual Live Instruction
In Person Classroom

Our clients come to us with a wide range of needs to support Employee Learning and Development. See if any of these relate to you:

  • Are you looking to purchase or license a Learning Management System, and need expert assistance in capturing your business and user requirements to help you make the right decision?

  • Do you need turn-key design and development services for your online and in-person courses that are founded in best practice instructional design for adult learning, and are mapped to measurable behavioural competencies?

  • Are you building out an internal training program, but having trouble finding the courses that are perfect for your organization?​

  • Have you found the right suite of training courses, but would prefer them tweaked and branded to your organization?​

  • Do you need to build a hybrid course, comprised of different excerpts from existing materials, plus the addition of new information?​

  • Do you have a newly emerged, unique professional development need for your people, and need a training program developed from scratch?​

  • Do you have legacy courses that were designed simply as PowerPoint slide decks that were formerly used for in-class, instructor led training, that you now need converted to self-paced, online, graded courses?​

  • Do you have existing courses that are simply out of date, and need to have their content upgraded and expanded?​​

  • Do you need to have customized versions of foundation courseware, each of which caters to the needs of different audiences within your organization?

  • Do you need to develop the teaching and facilitation skills of your employees who deliver live and virtual instructor-led training?

  • Do your employees who develop training need to learn the foundations of effective instructional design? Do they need skills training in the use of industry leading content authoring tools?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you've come to the right place. We have over 35 years experience doing exactly all of the above, for government, corporate, not for profit, and post secondary education program clients around the world.


We are not in the business of "one size fits all". We know that building out effective programs and courses, regardless of whether they are to be delivered in person, with an online instructor, or self-paced online, must start with a solid understanding of your requirements. As we have with a host of global, national and local organizations, we can help you to identify and organize your training needs, make recommendations, and then develop fully customized courseware to get your team members fully trained, with programs that are not only relevant to your organization, but also have your own personal touch.

The result is effective, comprehensive and affordable courseware, created through the application of global standards and models in instructional design, that speaks with your voice, to your people, your way.

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