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Food Safety for Food Handlers Online Certificate Course

This course is approved by the following jurisdictions as a Level 1 Food Safety training course: BC/YT/SK/MB/ON/NS/PE/NL. The certificate from this course is valid for a 5 year period in these jurisdictions. A webcam is required to verify your identity and participation during the final exam, and you need a quiet environment without other people around during the exam. This course MUST be completed within 30 days of beginning it, or must be reset and started again.

This 5-year certificate online course is designed for people who handle food within restaurants, food kiosks, care homes, or private residences. In most regulations, a minimum of one person per shift must have a Level 1 Food Handler’s certificate.

Successfully completing this course will give you knowledge of the following areas:

  • State your safety rights and responsibilities

  • Foodborne Illness and Food Safety

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Store, Protect and safely dispense food

  • Cleanliness and dishwashing protocol

  • Food safety plans

This online course will provide multiple scenarios, real life incidents and interaction, printable PDF’s, and much more to ensure comprehensive understanding. This will ensure safe workplaces in a high stress and fast-paced industry. A bonus to this course is the optional “WHIMIS for Food Service Workers” providing you with better certification and credentials.

Course Topics include: Microbiology, Foodborne Illness, Health and Hygiene, Preparing Serving and Dispensing Food, Protecting food, Food Storage, Cleanliness and Dishwashing, and Overall food safety.

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