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Construction Safety

One of the most important, yet overlooked elements of a growing or established business is Workplace Health & Safety. While Health & Safety is a critical component of most Operations, many small to medium sized businesses struggle with maintaining compliance to the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Legislation, Regulations, and Industry Best Practices can be hard to reference, navigate, and understand.

The best way to stay compliant to the Act, and to keep your workers safe is to ensure they have the right training to do their jobs. With our Construction Safety Training Bundle, your team will be able to identify and control hazards they are exposed to at work.

This online course bundle will cover the basic safety requirements for the hazards that workers will be exposed to on construction projects. Additional training may be required based on the province or territory you are located in (Working at Heights in Ontario, for example), trade-specific tasks requiring a Red Seal certificate, or task and equipment-specific training such as Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, Forklift, or Confined Space Entry.

After completing these courses, workers will be able to identify and control hazards they are exposed to on a construction project to help them do their job safely. Each course will also have a certificate of successful completion provided to them for their and their employer's records.

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