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Electrical Worker

Electrical Safety Training System
Non-Electrical Workers
Standard (2020)

This course is specifically designed for non-electrical employees who frequently use, apply, and/or operate electrical appliances in the workplace or work in close proximity to overhead power lines. It will teach you how to shield yourself from electric shock and arc flash hazards.

You should be able to: Describe how electricity is produced and distributed by the end of this course. Describe normal and abnormal conditions of energised electrical equipment Summarise your roles and responsibilities.

This course provides awareness training that is not specific to any region or country, therefore, it is important to familiarise yourself with and follow your employer’s specific policies and practices. The developer was the first Vice-Chair of the CSA Z462 Workplace Electrical Safety Technical Committee and the head of the working group 8 annexes, in addition to having extensive knowledge as an electrical safety consultant.

This online course covers:
Electricity Introduction, Standards and regulations, Duties, Risks, Precautions, Reporting incidents and emergency response.

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