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Subcontractor Health & Safety Responsibilities

Whether you're the General (Prime) Contractor, or bringing in Subcontractors for specific tasks on your project, it's important to remember that you're responsible for their safety performance and behaviours.

As a part of your company's pursuit to continuously improve your Health & Safety performance and cultivate a positive Safety Culture, you must ensure that everyone on your Jobsites are always working safely.

Any employer brining in Subcontractors has a level of responsibility to ensure that they are working safely while on projects. This means that Subcontractors should be subject to vetting by the project team before being awarded contracts, but also may require direction and coaching while onsite to ensure they are staying safe.

To help keep everyone on your projects safe, Workers and Supervisors are encouraged to make sure that Subcontractors are keeping up with Housekeeping expectations, following Safe Work Practices, and wearing all of their required Personal Protective Equipment.

Items like poor housekeeping, unsafe behaviours, and not wearing PPE can reflect poorly on you with your customers, even when it is your Subcontractors not following Safe Work Practices.

If workers notice Subcontractors not working to your safety expectations, they should immediately bring it to the attention of the on-site Supervisor. Your Supervisor will then be able to address and correct the issues immediately or bring the issues to the Management team so they can take the appropriate measures.

After Subcontractors finish their jobs, they should then be given a Subcontractor Evaluation to help with selection for future opportunities. If a Subcontractor is not performing to your safety expectations, it will give you an opportunity to bring them that feedback so they can also improve their Health & Safety performance.

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