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Driving at Dawn & Dusk

During the fall, winter, and spring seasons, we are usually driving to work or home outside of daylight hours.

It is important to remember that we take extra precautions while driving at these times, being on the lookout for black ice, debris on the road, and animals running out into your driving path.

Make sure you arrive to work and home safely by always being alert and not being distracted by things like:

  • Checking text messages

  • Programming GPS

  • Adjusting radio channels and volumes

  • Eating or drinking

  • Taking your eyes off the road for a conversation

We can significantly increase our chances of arriving to our destination safely by applying these Defensive Driving techniques:

  • Leave with enough time to account for traffic, slow moving vehicles, and road closures

  • Ensure you are in a good physical and mental condition to drive

  • Always drive with headlights on

  • Constantly be screening the road and any ditches or tree lines

  • Follow posted speed limits

  • Always be scanning and performing mirror checks

  • Be aware of all conditions before attempting to pass another vehicle

  • Maintain a safe stopping distance to vehicles in front of you

  • Be aware of road signs for:

  • Curves

  • Hidden driveways

  • Animal crossings

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