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Inspecting Your Inline GFCI Device

Working outside and in wet locations can present additional hazards to workers using corded power tools and equipment. When using electricity on the job, there is a always a hidden risk of electric shock.

To help prevent shock and protect ourselves and fellow workers, it's extremely important that we use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. Depending on where you're working, you may have access to a GFCI protected power source, or you may have to use an inline GFCI device.

If you've decided to use an inline device, it's critical that you perform a complete inspection and test of the device before putting it into operation.

Another thing you need to verify is that the device is set up and installed in a way that

protects as much of the electrical circuit as possible. Do this by plugging the Inline GFCI device as close as possible to the power source, then plugging your extension cord into the GFCI device. Finally, attach your corded tool or equipment to the extension cord.

Be sure to test and reset the GFCI unit once you have everything plugged in and set up to work. If the device fails to reset, or trips immediately, inspect your job for hazards and notify your supervisor or a Qualified Electrical Worker before attempting to perform your task.

Watch the following video on how to perform an inspection of your Inline GFCI Device, and remember to always contact your supervisor when you notice a hazard at your workplace.

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