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Gloves and Rotating Tools

Although hand protection is extremely important to keep workers safe, sometimes gloves can be your worst enemy.

Protecting your hands while working is important to reduce trade and task specific injuries like cuts, scrapes, punctures, and bruises.

While wearing gloves when working with sharp edges, we must remember that gloves are not to be worn when using rotating tools or there is a risk of entanglement.

Tools and equipment like drills, drill presses, bench grinders, lathes, and threading machines can easily pull a worker’s hand or fingers into it while being operated if a glove is worn.

If you have questions about whether or not you should be wearing or taking off gloves before using a certain piece of tooling or equipment, check with your Supervisor before beginning your task. Your Supervisor will be aware of company policies and best practices regarding PPE usage with specialty tools and equipment.

Be sure to always review your Job Hazard Assessment and Safe Work Practices before beginning any task.

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